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Alternative Fuels Research Paper

Science and technology courses may require a technology essay on Alternative Fuels. In your research paper, you will want to discuss various ways to end the US's dependence on foreign fuel sources. Paper Masters' suggests that your project be an informative research essay. Note that the title is "Alternatives". Make your topic "Using technology to end our dependence on foreign oil".

Paper Masters will compose a custom written research paper on Alternative Fuels that follows your guidelines.


How to Organize your Alternative Fuels Research Paper

Paper Masters suggests you organize your project in the following way using the EPA as a guideline:Alternative Fuels

  1. The first part of the paper is to be about from where the US imports their oil, how much is imported, and to what uses they put the oil (fuel, manufacturing, plastics, home heating, etc.).
  2. The second part of the paper is about how using technology could reduce and/or end our dependence on foreign oil. These technologies are:
    1. Hybrid vehicles (explain the history of technology behind hybrid vehicles, also the benefits of using these vehicles)
    2. Alternative fuels (Biodiesel, Ethanol, Solar, Hydrogen, Natural gas) and their benefits
    3. The implementation of mass transit (light rail, buses) and the benefits.
  3. The end of the essay needs to summarize the essay and to pose a question.

The question should be about how if we want to change our current situation then we need to let our elected officials know the direction in which we want our country to proceed in. That we live in a society that is driven by capitalism and consumer demand and we need to start demanding alternative products with our dollars.

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