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Alois Alzheimer

Alois Alzheimer research paper due and don’t know how to start it? How about like this?

Though Alzheimer’s Disease has undoubtedly been around for untold ages, it was not until the late nineteenth century that it was definitively pinned down as a specific form of dementia, studied, and named. The disease takes its name from the man who first studied it and isolated its physiological traits as well as catalogued some of its typical behavioral patterns and progression. Alois AlzheimerAlois Alzheimer was born in Markbreit am Main, Germany on June 14, 1864. Alzheimer achieved the following:

  • Studied medicine in Berlin, Wurzberg, and Tubingen;
  • Qualified in 1887-88 for medical school;
  • Finished his doctorate in Wurzberg
  • After the completion of his doctorate, Alzheimer started work as the director of an asylum.

His first interest in the disease that would assume his namesake started in 1901 with a German woman who came under his care at the asylum. Doctor Alzheimer noted her dementia began at age 51. He further noted in his journal: 

‘... one of her first disease symptoms was a strong feeling of jealousy towards her husband. Very soon she showed rapidly increasing memory impairments. She was disoriented carrying objects to and fro in her flat and hid them. Sometimes she felt that someone wanted to kill her and would scream loudly. After four and a half years of sickness, she died.’

Alzheimer's Findings

Following his patient’s death, Doctor Alzheimer conducted an extensive autopsy in search for clues. Among his findings were “... moderate hydrocephalus, cerebral atrophy, and questionable arteriosclerosis of the small cerebral vessels...” as well as an abnormality “... in the center of an otherwise almost normal cell there stands out one or several fibrils due to their characteristic thickness and peculiar impregnability”. Alzheimer was a respected man in his field and his findings were received with great interest among his peers and published. From that point on, the condition known as Alzheimer’s disease would continue to be isolated and studied. Today, though much more is known of Alzheimer’s disease, much about it continues to elude researchers. Like many other incurable diseases, sufferers of Alzheimer’s must face the grim prognosis as best possible with little real help or hope from the medical community, as they aged.

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