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Research Papers on Alfred Lord Tennyson

Research papers on Alfred Lord Tennyson can examine any aspect of his life or his poetry. Paper Masters has literature writers that specialize in poetry and poets and can explicate Tennyson and his work in a research paper custom written only for you.

Alfred Lord Tennyson (1809-1892) was a British poet who served as Poet Laureate of the Great Britain during much of Queen Victoria’s reign. Among his famous works are:

He first began publishing poetry in 1827, while still a student at Cambridge, receiving the Chancellor’s Gold Medal in 1829.

Tennyson’s second book, which appeared in 1833, was so savaged by critics that he did not publish again for another ten years. Alfred Lord TennysonIn 1842, he returned to publishing, finding immediate success with works such as “Tithonus” and “Ulysses.” In 1850, he published his masterpiece, “In Memoriam A.H.H.” dedicated to his late best friend. He was appointed poet laureate, succeeding William Wordsworth.

Tennyson and Poet Laureate

Tennyson held the post of poet laureate until his death in 1892, the longest tenure of any poet in British history. In 1883 he accepted a peerage at the behest of British Prime Minister Gladstone, and the following year Queen Victoria made him Baron Tennyson.

Towards the end of his life Tennyson recorded several of his poems for Thomas Edison. Although the sound quality is poor, they are among the earliest sound recordings. Queen Victoria was said to have been particularly fond of Tennyson’s work, finding comfort in “In Memoriam A.H.H.” after the death of her husband, Prince Albert.

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