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Alcohol Related Crime

Alcohol abuse plays a great role in the committing of various crimes; because it is a drug, it has the ability to cause people to behave in uncharacteristic ways to satiate their addiction. Further, because it tends to inhibit decision-making skills, individuals engage in questionable ways while under the influence of this substance. Alcohol Related Crime

In up to 40% of violent crimes committed throughout the United States, alcohol played some sort of factor. This can include domestic violence, crimes committed in the heat of the moment, and simple fights between individuals in a given location. These simple assaults are the most common when considering violent crime and alcohol use, but they are important nonetheless.

One of the most common crimes committed in conjunction with alcohol is driving under the influence. Individuals go out, drink a few beers or have a few glasses of wine, and feel they are perfectly capable of operating a motor vehicle. Impaired judgment allows them to misinterpret their abilities, and the consequences can be profound. A recent trend that is becoming alarmingly common is the notion of driving while just barely under the influence of alcohol, this so-called “buzzed” driving. Individuals who engage in alcohol consumption do not equate just one or two beers with driving under the influence; they fail to realize that the warm, happy feeling they get when they are “buzzed” also results in poor reaction time, delayed processing, and slower motor skills. This can profoundly impact their driving, and can have the same personal and social results as fully driving under the influence.

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