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Al Gore and the Environment

Al Gore also has ideas on how to solve the problem of global overpopulation.

Research papers on Al Gore's environmental stance illustrate that he has the following points to make:

Al Gore's first example to stop environmental problems is: "Develop effective programs to reduce infant mortality and ensure the survival and excellent health of children." The reason for this idea is simple.  If parents are confident a child will survive they will be less likely to try to have more.  Another idea is, "Allocate resources to fund carefully targeted functional literacy programs keyed to every society where the demographic transition has yet to occur."  Al Gore and the EnvironmentThis idea also is targeted to lower the birth rate as well as improving countries financial success. A higher literacy rate will also lower the birthrate. If you need help weeding through the many ideas and issues Gore brings up in his speeches and books regarding the environment, have Paper Masters custom write you a research paper on Al Gore and the environment.

Earth in the Balance

The Earth In The Balance book got its point across in some respects and didn't in others.  For example it did seem to show that the programs to increase literacy rates as well as lower the infant mortality rate are something almost everyone would agree to.  Some of the other ideas though, such as the virgin material fee and CO2 tax are much more controversial and the reasons for them, put forward much less convincing.  Many people would say these are simply excuses for more governmental control over everyday activities. 

Al Gore and Global Solutions for Environmental Problems

In conclusion whether the reader believes that there is a global environmental crisis approaching or not it is important to look at the studies and facts collected in Al Gore's book and to go beyond the facts he presents.  Very few people will disagree with the premise that people should always be looking for more efficient, cleaner technologies and that people should try to have as little effect as possible on the world around them.  However the question, to what extent do people need to go in order to protect the environment and who controls the efforts is still unanswered.

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