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Agraphia Research Papers

Education research papers on agraphia outline this unusual disorder and teach education majors how to handle a special needs student who may have the disorder. Paper Masters has written many agraphia research papers for education students in order to help them understand this complex disorder.

Agraphia is a neurological disorder where a person loses the ability to communicate through writing. It cannot be treated, but individuals can learn to rehabilitate some of their writing abilities. Agraphia has two main subgroups: central agraphia (aphasic) and peripheral agraphia (non aphasic).

Central agraphia involves the language areas of the brain and is frequently accompanied by other language disorders. Some individuals have fluent aphasia, where they can form letters, but cannot write meaningful words. Non fluent aphasia allows for individuals to write brief sentences, but with illegible handwriting. Deep agraphia, which affects both phonological ability and orthographic memory, is the result of a lesion in the left parietal region of the brain.


Peripheral Agraphia

Peripheral agraphia occurs when there is damage to the systems involved in motor skills. Apraxic agraphia results in slow, distorted and imprecise letter formation. Hysterical agraphia is caused by a conversion disorder, the appearance of neurological symptoms without a known cause.

Agraphia can result from any number of causes, including:

There are twelve areas of the brain associated with handwriting, and damage to any one of these may result in an individual developing some form of agraphia. Agraphia is also closely associated with Alzheimer’s disease.

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