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Research Papers on Aging

Aging is the body’s natural biological response to living.  As people grow older there a number of physiological and psychological changes that can occur.  Although many of these changes are expected—i.e. graying hair, wrinkles and losing teeth—there are a number of problems that occur as a result of aging that are often unexpected.  Although age is not synonymous with disease as noted by Austad (2000): “…the incidence of many (but not all) diseases increases exponentially over time as mortality rate often does.  Aging proceeds even in the absence of disease, although part of aging clearly includes increased vulnerability to disease”. Paper Masters can compose a custom research paper on Aging that follows your course guidelines.

Aging and Illness

AgingThe general public’s obsession with aging, or perhaps more precisely its obsession with staying young, has brought many illnesses associated with aging to the forefront of media attention.  Because many believe that the best way to combat illness is to prevent it, millions of Americans have become educated about such illness as:

Because this disorder has no definitive root cause or cure, it is currently one of the most discussed things when it comes to the elderly and memory loss.

Aging and Alzheimer’s Disease

According to The National Council of Aging, aging often carries with it a certain amount of memory loss.  For the elderly, their loved ones and medical professionals the dilemma of when simple memory loss has evolved into dementia or Alzheimer’s disease can be difficult to determine.  Because the prevalence of Alzheimer’s disease increases steadily from middle age on, by the age of 65 at least five percent of the aged population will have developed the disorder while by the age of 80 this percentage rises to 20.  Although new diagnostic techniques can differentiate between simple memory loss and the onset of Alzheimer’s for the aging patient both disorders can carry with them a myriad of problems.

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