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Terrorism Research

Paper Masters can custom write research projects on terrorism, often known today as the "Age of Terror". This age of terror typically will examine how modern public administration was affected by 9/11.

Research papers on the "Age of Terror" often examine the following topics:  

  1. How has the events of 9/11 shaped today's theories, research, education, and practice of Public Administration? 
  2. Are public administrators posed with significantly different problems and decisions today than before 9/11?
  3. Discuss in the essay how a balance needs to be struck between normalcy and security? 
  4. Are there ethical issues arising from such decisions? 
  5. Have relationships between the private and public sector changed due to 9/11?

Western democracies face a serious challenge in attempting to reduce their vulnerability created by freedom of movement.  “So democracies are faced with a paradox: in order to give citizens greater freedom of private movement it might be necessary to increase control over the same citizens.” Some countries have considered implementing measures to require individuals to carry personal identification papers with them at all times.  However, such programs have proven very unpopular in areas such as the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. 

As a result, the threat of terrorism is facilitated by the commitment of democratic governments to the freedom of movement.  Citizens living within democracies want to continue to enjoy their freedom of movement.  Furthermore, industries such as the tourism industry and airline industry would collapse under significant restrictions to the freedom of movement.  This protection of the freedom of movement is “unthinkable in more authoritarian states.” Authoritarian regimes are therefore more secure from terrorist attacks because they restrict individual freedom of movement.  Within an authoritarian regime, the state may arrest and persecute those found in violation of movement laws.  As a result, this heightens the likelihood that terrorist activity will be discovered.

Terrorism Today

Western democracies are based upon the idea that individual rights must be protected from government intervention. Democracies differentiate themselves from authoritarian regimes through the provision of rights to citizens that cannot be sacrificed by government intervention. Unfortunately, these rights may contribute to the vulnerability of the democracy to terrorist attacks. “The freedom provided by democracies can be abused for conspiracies against democracy itself.” These protections include the freedom of movement, freedom of the press and the protection of suspects from unfair prosecutions. Unfortunately, each of these rights may be manipulated by terrorist organizations because the rights and freedoms that are protected through democratic systems do not differentiate between terrorists or non-terrorists. As a result, these protections often serve to protect terrorist activity from government interference. Because these rights are not safeguarded in authoritarian regimes, the existence of these protections help to demonstrate why democracies are more vulnerable to terrorist attacks than authoritarian governments.

Age of Terrorism Research Paper Topic Suggestions

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