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After Apple-Picking

Robert Frost used the action of picking apples in After Apple-Picking to signify any task and drowsiness to symbolize the changing of the seasons. In custom research papers on After Apple-Picking, it is shown that both concepts take on a boarder meaning in After Apple-Picking, as does the act of sleep itself. The research papers show at the end of After Apple-Picking the worker is filled with a sense of fulfillment, just as one would be at the end of a life well lived. In reading After Apple-Picking, the reader is free to apply After Apple-Picking strictly to a New England task of picking and storing the apples before the changing of the seasons or to apply the boarder meaning as related to life in general. After Apple-PickingAfter Apple-Picking research paper due and don’t know how to start it? How about like this?

Literary Elements of After Apple-Picking

After Apple Picking employs the following literary elements:

  • A complex, shifting rhyme scheme, which gives the piece a lyrical, but slightly confused quality, which is fitting given the state of the teller.
  • After Apple Picking uses the imagery of an apple harvest to meditate on the nature of life and death.
  • The setting of After Apple Picking is typical of the poet Robert Frost: richly nostalgic and rustic.  

The narrator has been picking countless apples in an orchard or farm.  As sleep begins to overtake the narrator, he reflects that the same apples that have filled his waking hours will pass into his dream state, distorted and magnified.  In waking and sleeping, the narrator is utterly unable to escape the harvest.  

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