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African American Family

African American Family Research Paper example:
Arrange to silently observe a two parent African American family interacting (preferably at a meal time). A broad, inclusive definition of family may be applied. This can be a retired couple and children and grandchildren are near by and/or a two parent family with 2 children a boy age 10 and girl age 6. You should pay attention to patterns of interaction, as well as hierarchies, subsystems, and any other notable structural features of this family.

African American Family

Sample African American Family

Write a 5 page paper (double-spaced) about your observation. The paper should:

  1. identify and describe family systems theoretical concepts;
  2. speculate on the impact of having an observer present;
  3. comment on differences between the observed family’s functioning and that the personal experiences of the observer.

Remember to focus on process more than content.

African American Family Research Paper will be evaluated on the clarity of the examples of family systems theoretical concepts and the quality of your analysis and reflections.

  1. APA format
  2. 5 Pages
  3. Abstract
  4. Use Subheadings:
    • Background Information
    • Family systems theoretical concepts
    • Observer Impact
    • Differences between the observed family’s functioning and the personal experiences of the observer.
    5 References (preferably):

Poverty and African American Family

African-American families are experiencing a crisis of unprecedented magnitude. The cycle of poverty that grips generations of African-American families shows no sign of breaking, and the attendant social ills (illegitimacy, crime, drugs, imprisonment) are contributing to the possible ecological extinction of the African-American nuclear family. By examining the cycle of poverty and all of its attributions, a clear understanding of how and why this is happening can be illustrated. The logical progression of these crises will lead to a radical social restructuring in the 21st century.

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