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Advertising research paper due and don’t know how to start it? How about like this?

Advertising tries to give the audience enough information about the product to create an interest, but not so much as to bore the audience with details.  As a result, advertising information concentrates on the advantages of the product that research shows are most likely to interest the audience.  For an example within the advertising industry, one car manufacturer will give information regarding the safety of its vehicle while another will give information about speed.  Both manufacturers are giving incomplete information, yet have created a message that is aimed at a specific audience that values either safety or speed.  All advertising information has some bias and generally talks about advantages while failing to mention disadvantages.  If the advertising is misleading, however, it can be illegal.  It is sometimes difficult to determine the difference between legitimate praise of a product and false claims.

Paying For Advertising


A sponsor pays for advertising, which makes it different from news, entertainment or other types of information found in the media.  Because the audience knows that the advertising is paid for, it also knows that it is a biased form of the communication process.  As a result, it does not accept that the advertising message is fully truthful information.  One of the purposes of the sponsor is to make a link between the idea in the advertising and the product, so the sponsor usually lets the audience know that the advertising is paid for.  As a result, sponsors always tell the audience whom they are in order to be sure that the audience makes the connection between the image and the sponsor’s product.

Purpose of Advertising

Paying for Advertising

The main purpose of advertising is to persuade the audience to take some action, which is usually buying the product.  Sometimes advertising does not do this directly.  Instead it tries to persuade the audience that there is some difference between products that are really the same, such as bars of soap or cars.  One of the ways that advertising does this is to create the idea that there is some special value in a product.  For example, a car manufacturer may try to persuade people that owners of their cars shows have a high social status, as in the case of Mercedes. Sponsors try to find out through research the types of values that will persuade the audience to buy their products.

As you write your paper remember to include the definition of advertising as well as its history. The theory of advertising is also important to cover. The hierarchy of the sale is a list of steps leading to the purchase. They are:

  • Awareness
  • Knowledge
  • Liking
  • Preference
  • Conviction
  • Purchase

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