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Advertising Industry Research Papers

Research papers on the advertising industry can be done from many different angles. Since Paper Masters custom writes every research paper, you can receive a project on the advertising industry written to your exact instructions.

For an interesting advertising industry term paper, select a full-page print advertisement from any consumer magazine from the last six months. It can be a news magazine such as Time or Newsweek, a beauty or fashion magazine like Vogue, a high-brow slick like The New Yorker or Vanity Fair, or a magazine dealing with a particular hobby or Advertising Industry like Field and Stream or Car and Driver. Examine the ad and the magazine in which it was printed closely.

Then write a research paper analyzing and critiquing both the design and the placement strategy of the ad. Your paper should include:

Advertising and Magazines

  1. The title and issue of the magazine in which the advertisement appeared in the beginning of your paper.
  2. Your analysis of the content of the ad. This analysis should be supported with details from the ad and the magazine. Advertising IndustryIssues you may want to consider include the following: What kind of ad is it? (Primary or selective demand? Direct or indirect action? Hard sell, soft-sell, informational?) Is the ad intended to contribute to the advertiser’s brand? If so, what kind of image do you think the advertiser is seeking to associate with the product? How are they attempting to do this?
  3. Is the company attempting to position itself by fitting itself into a particular market segment? If so, what consumers are they seeking to reach? How are they attempting to do this through the content of the ad? You may want to also consider whether the ad is part of a larger campaign. Is the same company running similar ads that stress the same theme or message, either in print or in another medium such as TV or the internet? What role do you think this print ad plays within the campaign? Within Advertising and Society?
  4. Your analysis of the placement of the ad. Issues you may want to consider include the following: In what type of magazine did this ad run? What do you think the company is seeking to accomplish by placing the advertisement in this particular magazine as opposed to others? Will this magazine be effective in reaching the targeted audience for the product or service it promotes? Where was the ad located in the magazine? (near the front, near the back, in a special section?) Do you think the location may contribute to the effectiveness of the ad? Is there anything about the magazine content that surrounds the ad that may contribute to its effectiveness?
  5. Your judgment about whether you feel that the ad is likely to be effective or not. Make sure that you give reasons for your answer.
  6. The paper should have a beginning, a middle, and an end. It should not be a collection of random thoughts or observations.

Sources for Advertising Paper

If you incorporate ideas or language from outside sources (including the textbook), they should be cited properly. This means that direct quotes should be indicated through the use of quotation marks or block quotes. All outside sources should be acknowledged within the text of the paper as well as within a works-cited page at the end of the paper.

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