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Adolf Hitler's Life

Adolf Hitler’s Life research paper due and don’t know how to start it? How about like this?

Adolf Hitler is remembered as one of modern history’s most notorious political leaders. He was born on April 20th, 1889 in Austria. His early life was humble. Hitler’s father, Alois, was an illegitimate child who claimed the surname Hitler as a young adult. Alois and his wife Klara had six children and Adolf was their fourth. Adolf struggled in school. After completing his secondary education, he traveled around Europe, attempting to establish himself as an artist.

Hitler and World War II

Adolf became active in politics after the war. He founded the Nazi party and won political support due to his platform focusing upon the restructuring of Germany after the crushing defeat in World War I. Hitler attained considerable power when he was appointed the chancellor of Germany in 1932. He started World War II after forging alliances with Italy and Japan. He also organized the Holocaust as a method of purging undesirable peoples from Germany, including:Adolf Hitler's Life

Adolf Hitler chose to commit suicide instead of surrendering. He shot himself in the head on April 30th, 1945. His wife, Eva Braun, died beside him.

Hitler's Life During WWI

During World War I, Adolf entered the military. He was initially viewed as unfit to serve by the Austrian military but he was later accepted to join the German army. As a soldier, Adolph distinguished himself with his bravery and won several awards.

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