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Research Papers on Adolf Hitler's Beliefs

Research on the beliefs of Adolf Hitler explores psychological, political, religious and sociological aspects of his demented belief system. Having a hard time understanding exactly what and why Adolf Hitler believed the things he did? Have the writers at Paper Masters assist you with outlining the belief system of one of the most dangerous men to ever live.

Experts often find it difficult to identify Adolf Hitler‘s beliefs because the man took such an opportunistic role in shaping German nationalism. Hitler was an opportunistic writer, orator, and politician, and could expound on any number of conflicting ideas. For instance, as a young activist, Hitler often gave speeches about the evils of communism and capitalism. He augmented these speeches to fit the views of the crowd. His internal beliefs, therefore, are much more difficult to explain.

Some of Hitler’s beliefs, however, remained consistent throughout most of his life. Adolf Hitler's Beliefs

  1. Hitler believed that different races were struggling against each other in a war of survival.
  2. Hitler also believed that the Aryan race had created human culture and held a special place in the world.
  3. After World War I, Hitler became fanatically nationalistic.
    1. Germany was the greatest country in the world
    2. Germany had a right to exert its power to defeat external and internal enemies
    3. Germany's enemies were:
      1. Jews
      2. Communists
      3. Socialists
      4. Homosexuals
      5. Any other group that he could demonize to gain favor politically

Much has been made of Hitler’s religious views. These beliefs, if he had any, are even more difficult to explain than his social views. In public, Hitler often claimed to follow the Christian religion. He also claimed that Jesus had lead a battle against Jews, which supported Hitler’s ethnic cleansing. Several sources, however, state that he was highly critical of Christianity in private. He did claim to be a Christian in many of his speeches, but this could have been for the benefit of the crowd rather than an honest expression of his own beliefs.

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