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Many prospective college students freeze up at the idea of writing a college admissions essay.

  • What do the topic schools look for when evaluating applicants?
  • How does one applicant differentiate her or his admissions application from potentially thousands of others?

Paper Masters knows what writing a great college admissions essay is made up of. Put your future in the hands of expert admissions essay writers. Our writers have written essays for schools like Berkeley, Harvard Medical School, University of Wisconsin, Miami University, and many many more. We know what admissions personnel are looking for when they read an admissions essay. Our writer will help you make a great impression and open the door for you to fullfil your dreams of getting into the university of your choice. Contact us today to find out more.

College Admissions Essay Tips

How can you ensure that your entrance essay is remembered?

  • Focus on experiences or stories that will be easy to remember.
  • Write about memorable or humorous experiences, important personal influences and characteristics that define you.
  • Let the college know you are a well defined-individual with goals and plans for your future.

Admissions Essay - What Colleges Look For

First, a student preparing a college admissions essay should consider the character and history of the intended college. The entrance essay or a college admittance essay for an art school can be very different from that expected from an engineering program. In addition, the student should be prepared to write a separate entrance essay for each college. While students often apply to several different schools, many will decide to only write and send one standard letter. This is a mistake; a form letter will fail to consider the unique character of individual schools and will likely be boring or inappropriate for all institutions. A specific letter that mentions that name of the school will demonstrate that the student carefully selected the school and crafted an appropriate essay.

In addition, there are some common characteristics found in all good college entrance essays. First of all, college admittance essays don’t waste time with statistics. The admissions committee will already have access to the student’s statistics through transcripts and standardized test scores. The purpose of a college entrance exam is to explain the person behind the statistics.

Second, strong entrance examinations demonstrate enthusiasm and creativity. If the members of the admission committee are bored by your essay, they may not remember your application later when they are making their final selections. This is especially important when the student is applying to a particularly selective school or when the student is sitting on the edge of meeting the school’s entrance requirements. A well crafted, thoughtful essay can help nudge an application forward in the process just as a poor essay can increase the chances of rejection.

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