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Accelerated Learning


Accelerated learning is an advanced teaching methods and learning methods based on brain research for speeding up and enhancing the whole learning process for America's children and students. Accelerated learning involves the entire person, incorporating the following:

Education research papers often discuss the theory of accelerated learning. Paper Masters can custom write research papers on accelerated learning from any perspective you with.

Accelerated Learning

Characteristics of Accelerated Learning

There are five identified characteristics of the ideal environment for accelerated learning. The first is that individuals learn best in a positive classroom environment that is both relaxing and stimulating. The second is that individuals learn best when they are wholly involved and take full responsibility for their learning. Third, people learn best when there is collaboration and that good learning has a social component to it. Fourth, a variety of learning options allows the individual to employ all five senses. Fifth, individuals learn best in context and that the actual doing of work in real environment is best.

Proponents of Accelerated Learning

Proponents of accelerated learning believe that learning takes place simultaneously on numerous levels and that it is an act of creation, not simply consumption. With feedback, the learning results from doing the work and not through hypothetical situations. Maintaining positive emotions permits greater learning, since the human brain is able to absorb information both instantly and automatically.

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