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In its simplest form, academia is a culture of educators, teachers and learners, usually with regards to higher education and scholarship. Rooted in the Ancient World, the concept of academia has long been linked to the provision of knowledge through the form of philosophy or critical thinking, encouraging individuals to formulate their own unique opinions and perspectives supported by clear logic and evidence. AcademiaThe culture of academic is often considered to be composed entirely of the individuals providing the education; however, the students themselves are an integral component of this culture, for without them, there would be no academic progress or growth. Instead, academia today refers to the cultivation of knowledge between scholars and students, the former usually holding an advanced degree in a specific field and the latter usually working towards a similar academic goal.

Academia Between Several Disciplines

Academia is often broken down into specific content areas depending on the focus of the student and scholar. However, in increasing numbers, individuals in academia are engaging in interdisciplinary research, utilizing the teachings and experiences of scholars from outside one’s own content area. For example, when historians work collaboratively with sociologists, they can further their understanding of a given cultural trend from the past as well as knowledge about why individuals in a given society behaved in a specific way. Interdisciplinary research is a relatively new component of academia, but it is proving to be an invaluable contribution to the present-day learning community.

Writing and Academia

A large part of academia is publishing and writing. Academic writing takes place on both levels of academia - by the instructor submitting original research and by the student submitting research projects for review. This reciprocal relationship in academic writing is the core of academic institutions. Academic writing consists of the following:

  • Establish the novelty of a position
  • Hypothesize in a written thesis
  • Acknowledge past research and relevant works within the discipline
  • Utilize academically valid research methods to illustrate hypothesis

Academic writing is the core of academic discourse at the university and college level.

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