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Abortion and Politics

Abortion and Politics research papers have been written by Sociology experts. Following is an essay that was written by Paper Masters. We will produce a custom written paper following your guidelines

When ever the Republicans return to power and with the backing they have from the ultra right wing conservative Tea Party, we’re beginning to see a return to the culture wars. They will begin to go after gay rights, immigration and most importantly abortion. It’s long been used as a wedge issue for the conservatives to ensure a reliable vote from the Religious Right. While most people seem to think the Tea Party is a new force in American politics, they are wrong. It’s become clear to anyone who was actually interested in where they came from that they are simply the same old conservative movement.

Abortion and the New Congress

Abortion and PoliticsAs the third order of business in the new Congress, congressional republicans voted to have the strictest laws concerning abortion ever devised. This would put elective abortion out of the reach of anyone unable to afford it. In addition, it would deny abortions to any actively serving female members of the military even if they used their own funds. It would deny tax credits to any employer they provides a health plan with abortion coverage. It would deny tax credits to individuals or entities they pay for abortion care. It would prevent medical deductions for payment of health plans that including abortion care and treat as income any money from a health saving account used for abortion services. This goes far beyond anything previously proposed.

Abortion and Medical Coverage

Abortion services are a necessary part of complete female medical coverage. While most people only think of elective abortions, many times they are simply medically necessary do to complications from early pregnancy. These services should be provided in all hospitals as a matter of simple comprehensive medical care.

You can tell the opponents of abortion are only concerned with religious dogma and not actually reducing abortions as they opposed actual efforts to reduce elective abortions. We know how to solve these problems. It comes from the empowerment of women though education and information including:

  • Comprehensive age appropriate sex education
  • Access to female medical health professionals
  • Greater access to contraception, including the morning after abortion pill are real world steps to reducing the number of abortions.

Until the time they are willing to give women the tools to make their own choices, the culture wars will rage on.

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