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Abortion and Murder

The debate as whether or not abortion is murder revolves centrally around Christian verses non-Christian beliefs concerning a fetus. When doing a research paper, term paper or essay on abortion and murder, it is very important to consider the source of information. A quick Google of the question “Is abortion murder”? brings up cites that revolve centrally around social mores rather than scientific fact. The majority of page 1 results in Google are from Christian political groups and their abortion views, with the exception of the number 1 result being from “”, which bases their article on civil liberties and a discussion of the constitution. The long and the short of the research problem when writing a paper on abortion and murder is that valid source material will be nearly impossible to find with a Google search.

Finding Information of Abortion and Murder

Abortion and MurderSo where does one go to find viable material on abortion and murder? Begin the investigation from the perspective of what your course requires. For example, if it is for a political science or law course, begin with Supreme Court rulings or public policy on abortion for what the government considers murder and where abortion fits into that definition. A sociology class may want to review a journal article on public opinion considering abortion as murder or research what the general population believes murder to encompass. Gauge what you think your professor is looking for in relation to the other topics you have studied in your course material.

Or, be brave in your research. Take a stand and defend it. Do you think abortion is murder and why? Are these ideas of yours based upon emotion, religious background, what your parents think, or facts you have read or learned in another class. Professors also like this type of introspection on highly debatable academic topics.

Politics of Abortion and Murder

Abortion and murder research papers can discuss that the federal court is once again challenged by the freedom of speech and religious expression issue.  The heart of the matter lies within extremist religious groups that insist the Bible condones the murder of doctors who perform abortions and it is their religious right and duty to kill them, for abortion is illegal.  The leader and representative of perhaps the most extreme faction of these radicals is Paul deParrie, of Portland.  In an expose in the Oregonian on Sunday, January 24, 1999, Mark O’Keefe explored the ideology behind those that practice “Anarchy in the Name of God”. Pro-life advocates list the following of “excuses” used to justify abortion…

  • Rape or incest
  • A woman’s body is hers to do want she wants
  • Not ready for the responsibility of a child
  • A child is a life long commitment

Abortion Kills BabiesPaul deParrie cites the Old Testament of the Bible as justification for his belief that God condones murder. The Old Testament states, “if a man schemes and kills another man deliberately, take him away from My altar and put him to death.”  Armed with this passage, deParrie pickets outside of abortion clinics, prints up “wanted” posters of physicians that perform abortions, and holds vigils for men in prison who have murdered physicians that perform abortions. The article in the Oregonian is mixed with humor, horror, and evidence of how the extremes of religious interpretation can be a frightening weapon in the hands of the wrong people. Pro-life versus pro-choice has become a sticky issue in the courts. The National Right to Life organization (NRLC) monitors upcoming court cases and sends alerts to its like minded followers.

The law will undoubtedly favor the sensibilities of the general public, but even if the Courts rule against the acts of intimidation and violence of anti abortionists, the movement will only submerge deeper underground.  The article cites a prominent expert on groups that use scare tactics and intimidation.

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