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Abnormal Behavior and Anorexia

This is a topic suggestion on Abnormal Behavior and Anorexia from Paper Masters. Use this topic or order a custom research paper, written exactly how you need it to be.

Anorexia Nervosa is a disorder that is linked to abnormal behavior due to its relationship with biological, emotional, cognitive and behavioral factors. If you have been assigned a research paper on anorexia, you will want to approach it from the perspective of a disease linked to abnormal behavior. Abnormal behavior can be studied from either the psychological or sociological perspective and both views shed light on the disease of anorexia. Therefore, be sure to narrow your topic properly and decide ahead of time which direction you wish the study to take.

Abnormal Behavior and Anorexia Disease

According to the DSM IV-TR, anorexia nervosa is when an individual’s body weight is below 85 percent of what is considered normal for their height and weight. Abnormal Behavior and AnorexiaAnorexics are characterized by:

The aspects of anorexia that have to do with abnormal behavior include the factors that lead to the development of the disease. Since anorexics have a distorted view of their body, cognitive components of abnormal behavior are often studied in conjunction with biological factors of the disease.  Furthermore, sociological elements also play a part in anorexia, as one’s culture and how the body is accepted and portrayed play an important part of the development of anorexia.

Abnormal Behavior and Anorexia and Who it Touches

According to the Anorexia and Related Disease Organization, Abnormal behavior is an approach to studying anorexia nervosa. The disease touches the lives of the ordinary and the extraordinary. Most people know the sad tale of Karen Carpenter, the musician and singer/songwriter that died from the disease at the age of 32. Her sad demise lends credence to the fact that this disease can touch anyone and exploring the causes of the abnormal behavior and the development of anorexia is a worthy examination for any research paper.

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