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Abandoning Fossil Fuels

An abandoning fossil fuels research paper may want to examine the prospect of switching from fossil fuels to hydrogen as a primary energy source. Paper Masters suggests that many environmental research papers will want to look at the prospect of abandoning fossil fuels, as it is inevitable due to their finite nature. It will propose that abandoning fossil fuels before they are exhausted serves three major purposes.

  1. First, offering hydrogen as a source of energy may avert an energy crisis when fossil fuel supplies dwindle or an international or environmental crisis issue makes them inaccessible.
  2. Second, hydrogen is the most basic and omnipresent element in the universe, and unlike fossil fuels, it is an unlimited source.
  3. Third, hydrogen is environmentally friendly, and by replacing fossil fuels, it may help restore the ecological damage of fossil fuels and prevent more global warming.

To explore these issues, a discussion of factual issues, ethical dilemmas, and a brief review of past approaches to resolving the hydrogen issue will be followed by a detailed assessment of abandoning fossil fuels in favor of hydrogen or even solar energy.

Abandoning Fossil Fuels for Hydrogen

Abandoning Fossile FuelsThe purpose of this study is to analyze differences between fossil fuels and hydrogen as an energy source, provide a clear assessment of where the fossil fuel and hydrogen issue stands now, and forecast global fuel-related scenarios that will increase global warming. To do this, a variety of academic, scientific, legislative and popular sources will be examined to determine benefits and liabilities of both energy sources. These sources will demonstrate the ethical necessity of abandoning fossil fuels before they're exhausted and switching to hydrogen as a plentiful, clean energy source to help restore the earth's damaged ecological systems.

Abandoning Fossil Fuels and Environmental Damage

Seth asserts that the most important consequence of switching to hydrogen is the replacement of the "hydrocarbon society" that was responsible for a great deal of environmental damage. His book demonstrates the relationship between global energy consumption forecasts, oil and coal use, and accelerating climate change. He admits that hydrogen cannot solve all of these problems, which are also affected by population increase, congestion, vehicle dependence, and other factors, but it can help protect against further damage. In addition, the use of hydrogen would represent a transition to "unlimited flows of renewable sources," according to Dunn.

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