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Research Papers on Urban Riots

Urban riots - Paper Masters' writers will write a custom research paper explaining power in a urban unit and then explain what the major causes of the riots of the 1960's and 1992 were. Include in the research paper the sociological aspects of the riots. This is a sample of the types of orders we receive at Paper Masters. You may order this exact research paper to be custom written for you by copying and pasting the information here into the order form.

In your research paper on Urban Riots, touch on the following aspects of riots:

  • What are the early warning signs of a possible riot insuing
  • Explore the aspects of one famous riot
  • The a potential solution and preventative measure of urban riots

For example, a solution to urban riots is to conquer the financial despair that so many people have. This involved trying to raise wages so that people could live on those wages. Urban Riots

We can learn many lessons about urban power from the Watts Riots and from the Los Angeles riots of 1992 about why urban riots have erupted.  Both riots erupted because of a string of simmering social events that were ignored until they exploded into rage and fire on the streets.  What happened in L.A. could just as easily happen anywhere else. "The issues and the social ills that gave rise to the discontent in Los Angeles exist in virtually every community in this country". All it will take is a hot summer day and even that can be the “straw that breaks the camel’s back” to spark chaos.

As long as social injustices, especially to impoverished minorities, remains such an issue, there will erupt occasional urban riots.  The key to prevent these urban riots is for cities to recognize the issues that plague the inner-city and the power that lies within these communities for change.

Riots often erupt when a series of social forces begin to fall into place like the ominous fall of dominoes, and an incident becomes overwhelming to the police and because the police seem frozen and unable to do anything about the chaos, it becomes a signal to start the “car-burning, window-smashing, and blood-letting, mobbing such hate targets as blacks, or white merchants, or lone cops. Then the drawing effect brings out the large crowds of older men, and women and children, to share the Roman carnival of looting. Then the major killing begins: slow runners caught in burning buildings and as civic forces mobilize in police and National Guard gunfire”.

According to Whitaker’s article “The Rodney King Wake Up Call,” until the nation understands why these riots erupt and that Black Americans are “vital parts of this society, and that the problems facing the inner city are not just 'Black problems' but 'American problems,' we will continue to lose ground in the global market place, and our social stability and economic productivity will continue to be undermined”. In other words, until these issues are addressed and dealt with, any number of inner-city neighborhoods are ticking time-bombs.

All it takes is a single symbolic event of injustice, and that ticking time-bomb will explode. In the case of the Rodney King riots, the event was the acquittal of the four White Los Angeles police officers who had beat Rodney King by a predominantly upper class white jury. In this case, the verdict became the catalyst, the symbolic event of injustice against an impoverished inner-city population.

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