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20th Century US History Research Paper Topics

Research papers on recent events that happened in the 20th Century can be hard to write. There isn't as much perspective on the event and generally, many professors have very different opinions on why contemporary events occur. Take the stock market crash of 1929 - some economists are still arguing about the exact cause. Let Paper Masters help you decide what approach to take when writing a research paper on an event in the 20th Century. Need help picking a topic on 20th Century History? See our US History topic suggestions below to get an idea on how to correlate the 20th Century and US history.


20th Century Research Paper Topic Suggestions

1920s Fashion - 1920s Fashion research papers examine the style that entered the modern era and abandoned the restrictive fashions of previous eras in favor of more comfortable clothing.

1929 Stock Market Crash - 1929 Stock Market Crash research papers discuss a preview of an order placed for a history research paper with specific instructions on the sources that must be used to complete the paper.

1945 - 1945 research papers go into the major events of this year including bombing of Hiroshima an many others, it was considered a year of beginnings and endings.

1960′s - 1960's research papers discuss Martin Luther King Jr., John F. Kennedy and the Vietnam War.

1980s - A research paper on the 1980s analyze time period that brought on great cultural, economic, and geopolitical change throughout the world.

Al Capone Autobiography - Al Capone Autobiography research papers discuss Al Capone's life and the lives of his family.

The Anthracite Coal Strike of 1902 - The Anthracite Coal Strike of 1902 research papers delve into the conditions in the coal mines and the effects it had on the coal miners.

The Beat Generation - The Beat Generation research papers look at the characteristics of the young people of this generation, and the type of music they listened to.

The Black Panthers - The Black Panther research papers explore the minority group, and their objectives.

Black Power Movement - Black Power Movement research papers discuss a sample of an order placed on civil rights movement, that requires a certain text to do the project.

Charles Lindbergh - Charles Lindbergh research papers explore the life of this man who was the first man to fly non-stop across the Atlantic, and he landed the Spirit of Saint Louis at Le Bourget Field.

Chicano Movement - Chicano Movement research papers delve into a civil rights movement that was brought about in the 1960's for Spanish Californians.

The Family Farm - The Family Farm research papers examine how the farming industry has changed over the years, and how the work was divided between the family members.

FDR and the New Deal - History research papers on The New Deal, FDR and the Depression.

Funeral Protests - Westboro Baptist Church of Topeka, Kansas have made it their mission to disrupt the funerals of American servicemen with shouting, placard waving and hateful speech.

Great Depression - Great Depression research papers writes about the factors that led to the economic disaster in the late 1920's.

The Great Slump - The Great Slump research papers delve into economic challenges the United States had.

Harry Houdini - Harry Houdini research papers accounts for his life, and his career as a magician.

Henry Aaron - Henry Aaron research papers delve into the life of this African American Major League Baseball player, and the struggles he endured.

Henry Flagler - Henry Flagler research papers go into how he developed Florida's entire East Coast with railroads, hotels, schools, etc.

History of Veteran’s Day - Veteran’s Day was established to observe the ending of World War I; what history declares to be the war that ended all wars.

Hollywood and McCarthy - Hollywood and McCarthy research papers report on the era of McCarthyism that created the House Un-American Activities Committee and attacked Hollywood movie stars.

House Un-American Committee - House Un-American Activities Committee research papers explore the era of Senator Joseph McCarthy and McCarthyism.

Investigating American Exceptionalism - Investigating American Expectionalism research papers discuss how to order a history project with specific resource requirements.

Ku Klux Klan - Ku Klux Klan research papers look at the beginning stages of this organization and the prosperous years of this organization.

Land of Hope - Land of Hope research papers delve into a book by James Grossman explores the migration of blacks to the north during World War I.

McCarthyism - McCarthyism research papers go into detail about the meaning of the term.

McKinley and American Imperialism - At the turn of the 20th century, American imperialism began to become a more prominent issue than ever before, largely under the guidance of President McKinley.

The Negro Baseball League - The Negro Baseball League research papers delve into a league of black Americans started because of discrimination in the Major Leagues.

Organized Crime in the 1920s - Organized Crime in the 1920s research papers examine the rise in organized crime after the 18th amendment made it illegal to manufacture, transport or sell alcohol.

Oscar De La Hoya - Oscar De La Hoya research papers discuss this Mexican- American boxer's life and career.

Pete Rose - Pete Rose research papers examine one of the most dynamic baseball players, and the two lives he led.

The Politics of Prosperity: The 1920's - The 1920s is perpetually known as one of the eras of greatest prosperity in American history.

Prohibition - Prohibition research papers written about the Temperance Movement when alcohol was banned in the United States.

War Powers Act - War Powers Act research papers discuss The War Powers Act, which limits presidential military authority.

War in Iraq - The War in Iraq is a complex topic in political science.

White Nationalism - White Nationalism research papers discuss the history and all forms of white nationalism.

Who Were the Progressives - Who Were the Progressives research papers look at a sample of an order placed on the reading of Glenda Elizabeth Gilmore, and asks to develop an argumentative paper on educational evidence not opinion.

Why America Should Rebuild New Orleans - Why America Should Rebuild New Orleans research papers discuss an order placed on Hurricane Katrina with specific format instructions.

Women’s Christian Temperance Union and Alcohol - The first appearance of a movement to regulate alcohol consumption in the United States was called temperance. This originated in a time period when women had few, if any, legal rights.

Wright Brothers - Wright Brothers research papers delve into the lives of two men who flew the first successful powered flight.